2 Year
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Kaitlyn waiting to go for our walk

Getting ready to go out the door

The door opens...Kaitlyn gets excited!

Let's go out

Dora, Dora, Dora


Pretty girl


Love my Dad sooooooo much

Smile for the camera!

Look at how crazy long my hair is!! Check out my natural highlights!!

I'm getting to be quite an armful for my Daddy!!

Kaitlyn chewing on a popscicle stick with one of her new easter bunnies.

Kaitlyn was biting the popscicle stick making it flip up and smack her new easter bunny in the nose....resulting in squeels of laughter!! Really funny!

Kaitlyn LOVES being held! What are we going to do when she gets too much bigger :o( She's getting really hard to hold now as it is!

Kaitlyn sitting up playing computer!

Kaitlyn waiting to go outside for an evening walk.

Haha Mama I got to wear my Dora PJ shirt today!!

Playing with Piggy waiting for Owen to come do something funny!

Waiting for the elevator to go and get the mail!

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