2 Year
Page 4

Kaitlyn with her mail. The trick is to get it back!

Waiting for Sharon to arrive.

Kaitlyn and cousin Sharon. Kaitlyn rarely lets anyone but Tim or I hold her, but she LOVED Sharon!!!!

Silly girl with her snakes!

Kaitlyn says.."sssssssssssssssssss"!

Eyes Like an Angel

Hanging out outside!

"Did you see the blue dump truck Kaitlyn?......Did you see the yellow dump truck Kaitlyn?.....Kaitlyn, did you see the motorcycle?...zoom..."


Glamour Girl


Watching Dora


Angel Eyes

Watching TV together

Daddy's Girl

Hi Mama

Beautiful Kaitlyn

My first B4SMA blanket

My name B4SMA blanket
I won't outgrow it for awhile

Wrapped up

My heart from MJ & Brenda

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