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My heart


My blanket's label

One is of Kaitlyn holding her magic wand that Lexx and Ayva sent her from Alberta. She LOVES it, and particularly loves when the air from the bi-pap mask blows the wand making the little sparkles flutter! She is also making good use of her new Z-flo positioners that Karah sent me from Kentucky!!! Thanks Karah they are keeping my feet in a better position while I wait for my new AFO's!!

Having a taste of Daddy's salad. She fussed when Daddy tried to give her anything but greens!! She licks and licks and licks....saying, mmmmmmmmm!

Kaitlyn getting her T-shirt for the MDA walk.

Photo opportunity after the walk!! SAD but I think this may be the very first family photo we have ever had taken!!!

YAY we're outside!!

Hello world!

Princess Kaitlyn!!

Me & Alex

Watching a movie together

On my way to Nanny's!

In the middle of Nanny's kitchen table having a bi-pap break and chewing on a popsicle stick

Little lush!

Giving the horses some love

Time for some Cow lovin'!!! This was great fun :o) The baby cows just wanted to suck on my hands!!

She is laying on her first sheep skin! My great Uncle bought this for our girl...we hope to make her stroller and van travel more comfortable.

Here we are waiting for the parade! Kaitlyn sat up for the entire parade and was loving all the excitement!

Our family at the parade

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