3 Year
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Kaitlyn smiling pretty in her new floor sitter :)

Kaitlyn ADORES her Cole's Quilt!!!!

Mama I love my new quilt! xoxo

Even the back is beautiful!! A million sparkley butterfliess!!

No more pictures Mama!! I'm trying to watch the Franklin Christmas Special!!!

OH alright...sigh!! One for the camera!!

mmmmmmmmm....flavoured tongue depressor!!

My new shoes...thanks Barry family :)

Big girl in my brand new chair :)

Look at me...I'm a big girl!

Kaitlyn getting her first view of the tree Christmas morning

I LOVE all my presents!

My favourite Christmas present.....brother's dinosaur!!!

I'm not getting my own way...

Some more new presents. Presents make being under the weather not so bad

Princess Kaitlyn


Sitting tall

Gorgeous little hands

So pretty

Yum!!! Strawberry Shortcake smells good enough to eat!

Kaitlyn thinks making a mess was funny...

Who says Type 1 children cannot make a mess?? Kaitlyn is helping to clean up!! Including the inside of her DVD player...OOPPS!!

Wants to hold the egg cup again :P Trying to be cute so that I will give in!!

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